March 22, 2021

San Joaquin County Together

Bringing good jobs to San Joaquin County/Stockton is too important for this BS!

The Facts:

  1. Kevin Lincoln was fired from Life Song Church as their organization’s “Pastor” for reasons that are common knowledge amongst the parish. Then candidate Kevin Lincoln and Gina Bracomamento (then Valdez) lied and confirmed that he was a manager at Bread of Life. A Board Member of Bread of Life saw the ballot information and asked ED Bracomento about it in which case Gina retracted her confirmation which forced the San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters to contact Mr. Lincoln and make him provide them with a different job title and employer. Can he prove he even held this job? Lincoln also claimed in campaign material that he was responsible for delivering over 7500 meals. San Joaquin County Together did a produce drive and we were able to raise and deliver over $500 worth of produce. We do not buy one second that Lincoln was responsible for delivering 7500 meals to homeless persons during peak election season for him.  We argue it was Bread of Life and Ms. Bracomamento who gave Lincoln credit for work he did not do. Yet, we do not care about proving if this is true or not. It is irrelevant to the larger political cover-up that Lincoln is guilty of.
  2. We know two private citizens had their employee files stolen. We also know that a Stockton Police Officer was given one file and attempted to investigate the employee of possible crimes based on the information found in the file, the same file for which 209 Times/Motec Sanchez later wrote a disinformation claiming criminal activity via 209 Times. We also know that a union rep for our local correctional officers had the second stolen employee file and that file too ended up with Motec Sanchez and 209 Times who then published/reported a fake disinformation attack claiming criminal activity through 209 Times. Both victims of identity theft and the leaking of personal information and the accusations by 209 Times were false. If Law Enforcement is willing to steal and lie, know one in our community is safe. You could get pulled over for a traffic violation, and if the cop knows Motec, and you are critical of 209 Times or the politicians they support, they now have the infrastructure to plant evidence against you and silence your opposition. Think they won’t? That’s why they went after the two people’s employee file. To retaliate!
  3. We know that CSEA Local 318/821 and Stockton Teachers Association have used 209 Times talking points and disinformation in attacks against their and 209 Times opposed candidates.
  4. We know that the San Joaquin County Sheriffs requested and the Board of Supervisors approved a reimbursement of $70 million while the County Hospital only requested $23 million and the County District Attorney’s office only requested $200,000 despite doing the majority of code enforcement  because the Sheriff and the Sheriff’s Department’s leadership publicly stated they were refusing to enforce COVID Codes and restaurants like Stockton’s Papapavlos, Octavios, Midley’s, IHOP and Dennys and Lodi’s Papapavlos and Richmaids continued to serve in-door dining while it was illegal due to COVID conditions and  because they knew the Sheriffs were not enforcing codes.

We are asking Stockton residents and concerned County folk to join us in signing a petition calling on The Record’s editorial staff to investigate these truths and determine them to be facts, inform the public and contact the San Joaquin County Grand Jury and demand an investigation of election and political abuse; and to ask the California Attorney General to investigate the abuse of power by local law enforcement unions, their leadership and the bad apples that have stolen information and coordinated the further marginalization of women, people of color, the disabled and LGBTQ folk by Motec Sanchez and 209 Times.

Click here to sign the petition. 

San Joaquin County Together is a project of PowerPAC.