Building Power. Seeking Justice.

For the past 20 years, PowerPAC has been committed to building political power within communities of color and supporting progressive candidates of color long before they became household names.

We were there when Kamala Harris ran for CA Attorney General, before Ben Jealous became president of the NAACP, and when George Gascon ran his first race for San Francisco DA. Take a look at the breadth of our work in this video. We have supported voter engagement efforts in over 12 states and in this last cycle we were active in AZ, CA, FL, GA, MI, PA, and WI. We were a part of the first efforts to support President Obama’s 2007-08 primary and general wins. We were there in Alabama when the “Hidden Figures” of Alabama (strong African American women leaders heading up voting engagement work there) helped win Doug Jones’ election. We know you have felt the impact of our work and now we hope you will take a moment to get to know us and help support our work. Click the icons below to learn more.

Progressive Candidates

REPRESENTATION MATTERS. PowerPAC is dedicated to supporting progressive candidates of color, either directly or through independent expenditure efforts working to increase turnout of voters of color.

Voter Enhancement

INCREASE VOTERS OF COLOR. PowerPAC focuses on increasing voter of color participation through building and enhancing the capacity for local community organizations to do electoral work.

Coalition Building

BUILDING POLITICAL POWER. PowerPAC works on a number of social justice issues with local community organizations and leaders to educate, engage, and amplify voices for greater political impact.

Our Latest Work

2020 STATE DEBRIEFS. The results of the 2020 Election was the culmination of years of power building in key strategic states across the nation. Watch our debriefs to learn about our impact in the 2020 election cycle.

Let's Make Good Trouble.

About Us

We envision a future that is reflective of America.

PowerPAC believes that the most effective way to build political power for historically underrepresented constituencies is to invest in long-term political infrastructure that can be mobilized for short-term and long-term victories.

Our process includes conducting research and analysis on the political landscape, and identifying critical social justice issues to bring more voters–particularly voters of color–into the political process. From there, PowerPAC directs financial and human resources to strategic local and state legislative fights, ballot initiatives, and other campaigns by organizing donors who are committed to social justice politics.

We believe that we will only have a true democracy when the electorate is engaged and representative of the population.

We won. Now, let's keep winning. Donate and support PowerPAC today.

The Team

Andy Wong
Andy Wong
Background in applied mathematics and computer data systems, Andy has years of experience in supporting campaign infrastructures by targeting voters using a myriad of techniques for empowering niche constituencies.
Lisa Le
Lisa Le
Lisa brings her organizational and certified public accounting skills to create an environment where younger generations can organize and movement-build.
Pierre Barolette
Pierre Barolette
Director of Special Programs
Proud soccer dad of three native San Franciscans, Pierre is also an avid photography enthusiast, soccer coach and contemporary science fiction fan.
					   					   					   					   					   Edil Mari De Los Reyes
Edil Mari De Los Reyes
Political Director
A background in field organizing, Edil is a West Coast to East Coast transplant, baking amateur, and quasi-blogger.
Dc Lozano
Dc Lozano
California Political Director
Dc Lozano is a writer, community organizer and life-long hammer-wielder, swinging day and night at the patriarchy.
Shirley Burke
Shirley Burke
Office Manager
Shirley has over 20 years of administrative customer service and event production experience having worked with PowerPAC, Apple Computer, Zelerate, and in the real estate industry.

From candidates to issues, PowerPAC implements strategic campaigns at every level.