April 29, 2021

Progressive Candidates of Color

Over the years, PowerPAC has supported a number of progressive candidates of color, either directly with services to their campaigns or in running independent expenditure efforts working to increase turnout of voters of color. Our selection process includes staff driven and utilize questionnaires and vetting conversations with candidates, and we are highly selective on who we support based on whether the candidate can help move a progressive agenda AND bring more voters of color to the political process.

Read more on our past campaigns and candidates.


  • Our efforts in the 2018 cycle was historic with major investments in Stacey Abrams, Ben Jealous, and  Mike Espy. We expanded our work in CA to support numerous candidates around the state from city  council to governor. This last cycle we spent more than $15MM mostly in independent expenditures and  contributed to the surge of new candidates of color and the Blue wave that is just getting going across  the country. Our premise, as articulated in our founder’s book “Brown is the New White” has proven  true demonstrated by Abrams receiving more Dem votes than ever and more white votes than Carter.