The Evil Empire Strikes Back

On a cold day in January day of 2009, people from across the world gathered to witness the election of the nation’s first Black President.  We all stood on the Capitol Mall that frigid day, tears streaming down our cheeks.  We were awestruck, witnessing an event many of us thought we would never live to[…]

Getting Ready for 2016 stands for community empowerment through building a sustainable infrastructure of progressive talent organically grown at the local level.  This goes for candidates, campaign operatives, fund raising specialists, and issue activists. We think this is a critical third piece (together with Labor and party politics) necessary for increasing participation of our communities sometimes referred to[…]

Oh, Politics

I didn’t decide early on in life that politics was a career I’d pursue or even a path I’d cross. I didn’t care as deeply as some and I admit, even today, I feel out of place in the progressive world. My peers often make me feel like I haven’t lost enough, haven’t fought enough,[…]