Wisconsin has played the role of a battleground for the past 2 presidential cycles. In that role, much work has been done to rally progressive and democratic voters and boost turnout. In the 2022 election cycle, the open US Senate seat provided an opportunity to energize the left and upset the balance of power in multiple regions of the state. Sensing this unprecedented  opportunity, PowerPAC partnered with donors, organized labor and grassroots movement  organizations (SEIU, America Votes, Voces De La Frontera and Souls to the Polls) to create a  political power building organization, Power to the Polls Wisconsin. Focused on tipping the scales by reaching out to BIPOC, immigrant, low-income and low frequency voters, the value of our analysis, strategy, experience and work proved invaluable to advancing efforts to move  Wisconsin solidly Blue. The collaboration and successful creation of a power building grassroots  organization (P2PWI) claimed several successive victories across the state between 2022 and 2023: Cavalier Johnson’s reelection to Milwaukee Mayor, primary victory of Mandela Barnes for US Senate, re-election of Gov. Tony Evers, wins in several key regional races in Green Bay,  Kenosha and Racine, and eventually flipping the Supreme Court of Wisconsin to the left. While the needle has shifted and in light of these victories, the GOP is still a formidable opponent and  P2PWI is still in a formation stance in need of partnership to continue building capacity and  power to affect progressive electoral and policy outcomes across the state.

The Opportunity 

While the national focus on the U.S. Senate race energized voters and key leadership, P2PWI  did not hit its target of turning out an additional 250K voters. We were able to impact 150K  voters on the ground and digitally, and clearly that made a difference. We have an opportunity  to break the Republican hold on both houses in Wisconsin’s legislature. Collaborating with  partner organizations to realize the original goal of 250K voters in the base with strategic planning, field operations (canvass, phone banking and lit drop), narrative messaging, print and  digital communications (email, social media, streaming, and text), will play an important role in building capacity, increasing the base and winning elections that solidly move Wisconsin out of battleground status.


We must execute early in Wisconsin to continue building on the success of the work which  proved successful in the SCOWIS elections earlier this year. We cannot allow that excitement  and energy to wane. We will conduct a focused research strategy, message on our wins and  create an issue-based narrative that drives voter identification as we head into 2024. 

There are four key  components to successfully executing a plan to bump turnout of progressive voters by 5%:  

  1. Strong analytics and targeting  
  2. Local/regional battles (state house seats) tied into national priorities (US Senate race) 
  3. Key operational grassroots partners (a coalition)  
  4. Fully integrated digital communications (email, social media and text)


Local Partners

Continue to support P2PWI and expand our partnership with regional organizations that increase grassroots capacity beyond Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine and Madison. Our technical  and operational assistance will help the groups begin, or continue, building a base of power and  engage voters during elections at all levels with fully integrated platforms and tools.

Donor Investment

Work with Wisconsin Donor Table to identify local and national donor partners.

Voter Turnout

Target turnout of 100K voters in 2024 to add to the 150K identified in the 2022 cycle for  a total of 250K voters, boosting turnout by 5% to win key municipal and legislative races.

Build Lists

Using the same approach as in 2022, using the upcoming State Supreme Court election  to build our mobilization voter by voter. Build on that with the Presidential Primary. And finally  target key seats across Wisconsin, including rural areas not usually activated, to win down ballot and top ballot seats.

Build Lists

Build a robust research, analysis and targeting effort to grow the base. Set up expert  data management and communications strategies that can help build work cycle after cycle.

Budgetary needs: 

For Wisconsin, we are hoping to raise $1 million for our efforts. If successful, this is how we  would use the funds. The Targeted Field would also include regrants to support local power  building. We have a formula that we use generally to fund this work. It is structured like this: 

1,000,000.00 ←Budget Total
Research & Analysis 10% 100,000.00
Targeted Field 45% 450,000.00
Signature Events 5% 50,000.00
Digital Organizing 30% 300,000.00
Administration 10% 100,000.00

From Candidates to Issues

PowerPAC implements campaigns at every level.