As we continue to work to understand North Carolina we are struck by several challenging but  possible opportunities. It was a shame that Chief Justice Beasley lost her Senate bid by 121K  votes when she received a million more votes in 2020 than in 2022. Voter mobilization will be  key. North Carolina is a place where narrow margins have dominated elections flipping back  and forth from Republican to Democrat at the top levels while gerrymandering and voter  suppression has dominated at the state house and lower ballot levels.

It is likely that the 2024  election will be no different where the Presidential election could be decided by 75,000 voters out of 5.4  million or less than 1.5%. As US News reports: 

“In recent years, North Carolina has mostly hosted close statewide races. During  the 2020 and 2022 elections, North Carolina held 16 federal and state races for  statewide office – and no candidate in any of them won more than 54% of the  vote.”

The Opportunity 

North Carolina has been an ignored battleground that could be on the cusp of a strategic  turnaround. We have numerous examples of where we have participated in this kind of effort.  From San Diego and the Inland Empire in CA, to Georgia, and to Wisconsin we have been at the  forefront of efforts to build infrastructure that can turnout votes in as unlikely areas as Green  Bay and Kenosha, WI. With 33% Dem/30% Rep/36% Unaffiliated registration in NC we have an  opportunity to turn things around there too. With 39% of the population people of color we  have an opportunity to set roots and work to turn that state around in the next 3 cycles. We  will win victories along the way including the Presidential, as well as key state supreme court  seats, knocking out the conservative state house supermajorities, the governor’s race, and  more down ballot seats. We think this is a great opportunity if we can target increasing or  flipping turnout by 150K votes. We have moved even more in places like Georgia, California,  and soon Wisconsin. 


We tend to use a 5% threshold for increasing progressive turnout with a focus on communities  of color, young white voters, and women voters. Our overall ambitious target will be to identify as close to 367K infrequent and new progressive voters who can help us secure progressive  wins. However, our more sober numbers will be contacting 200K voters with a target of turning  out 150K for November 2024. Along the way we hope to win some local battles by building our  turnout models. We have a lot of experience working with local grassroots organizations we  can complement with digital strategies that reach rural and urban areas equally. This allows us  to access a much larger voter population and target ground forces accordingly. We had great  success in WI and GA with that work. We will execute a full strategy with key research and  information that drives narrative formation (tying in environmental justice, social justice, and governmental accountability), targeting and key operations.

There are four key  components to successfully executing a plan to bump turnout of progressive voters by 5%:  

  1. Strong analytics and targeting  
  2. Local/regional battles (state house seats) tied into national priorities (US Senate race) 
  3. Key operational grassroots partners (a coalition)  
  4. Fully integrated digital communications (email, social media and text)


Donor Investment

We have ties to donors in NC and hope to build more donor participation in a multi cycle investment to turn NC around. They have a good donor table there and we are  allies with some of the givers at that table. We will coordinate efforts with them to  market the work nationally. 

Local Partners

We also have some inroads to local organizations that are already building up their  capacity for c4 and PAC activities. We will build a strong collaboration with local  partners that enhances their capacity to engage in power building beyond the election.  Our technical assistance will help the groups build out their capabilities to engage voters  at all levels with fully integrated platforms and tools. 

Voter Turnout

Target turnout of 200K voters in 2024 cycles to boost turnout by at least 1.5% and close  gaps for targeted seats in the NC legislature and Governor’s race. 

Build Lists

Build a robust data and targeting effort to grow the target population. Set up expert  data management and communications strategies that can help build on work cycle  after cycle.

Budgetary needs: 

For North Carolina, we are hoping to raise $1.5 million for our efforts. If successful, this is how we would use the funds. The Targeted Field would also include regrants to support local power building. We have a formula that we use generally to fund this work. It is structured like this: 

1,500,000.00 ←Budget Total
Research & Analysis 10% 150,000.00
Targeted Field 45% 675,000.00
Signature Events 5% 75,000.00
Digital Organizing 30% 450,000.00
Administration 10% 150,000.00

From Candidates to Issues

PowerPAC implements campaigns at every level.