July 29, 2017

The Team

Andrew Wong, President

Andy, co-founder of PowerPAC and Vote Hope, has been running political campaigns since the mid-1980s. His career began by winning a series of student government elections at San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley, UCLA and Stanford. Over the next decade he went on to run city and county campaigns in the San Francisco Bay Area, electing people of color and gay community activists to Community College Board, BART Board, School Board and the Board of Supervisors. His background in applied mathematics and computer data systems has enabled him to support numerous campaign infrastructures, including for Prop 54, targeting voters for effective campaigning by using a myriad of techniques for empowering niche constituencies.

Andy also began AJWI, a software company focused on the government and non-profit sectors, in 1998 in San Francisco. Since it’s founding, the company has served over 50 counties in California, state agencies, foundations such as Hewlett, Haas Jr. and Packard, and supported projects in health, economic development, education, early childhood development and criminal justice. Providing software in an Application Service Provider model has helped move government and foundations into the 21st century creating new avenues for cross-agency collaboration and leveraging existing resources for better and more effective strategies. AJWI’s work is also helping standardize work in these fields that have previously demanded customized systems opening the door for greater improvements in government productivity.

Lisa Le, Controller

Lisa’s desire to make a difference helped foster the foundation for PowerPAC. Her parents’ experiences leaving war-torn Vietnam influenced her interests and understanding of the civil rights and women’s suffrage movement. As an activist, Lisa brings her organizational and certified public accounting skills to create an environment where younger generations can organize and movement-build. Having travelled throughout many parts of the world, it is no surprise to a Francophile that Lisa’s favorite travel destination remains Paris, France.

Pierre Barolette, Director of Special Programs

Pierre has over 20 years of experience working on all levels of in political campaigning. A founder and Principal at Barolette, Ong and Silva a political consulting firm in San Francisco, Pierre drove a number of city wide political campaigns and built a reputation for thoughtful analysis and strategic insight. He also worked for several departments for the City and County of San Francisco, as a deputy to the Assessor, the Director of the Human Resources and as Deputy Director of the Department of Elections.

Pierre is a founding member of PowerPAC.org serving on the Advisory Board. He has actively worked has for twenty years on issues of social justice working as the development director of The United States Student Association as the National Field Director for the National Rainbow Coalition, and driving independent expenditures with the DNC. He has also worked on several national campaigns.

Pierre is an avid photography enthusiast, soccer coach and contemporary science fiction fan. He is also native of New Yorker and the now the proud soccer Dad of three native San Franciscans.

Edil Mari De Los Reyes, Political Director

Edil, a Southern California native, is the daughter of Filipino immigrants who shared with her their passion for helping others. The experiences of her family shaped her political interests and understanding of social justice. Since college, she has made it her journey to amplify and empower others.

Over the years, Edil’s work has focused on engaging and strengthening underrepresented communities to secure a seat at the decision table. Currently she is PowerPAC.org’s Political Director, assisting the organization in the design and implementation of its campaigns and strategies.

Above all else, Edil is a progressive mom raising her kids to be decent human beings.

DC Lozano, Politidigital Director

DC Lozano’s life is a testament to the power of self-acceptance and the fight for a more inclusive and just society. They are an inspiring voice in the ongoing battle against the patriarchy and other oppressive systems, working tirelessly to create a world where everyone can thrive without the constraints of gender- or race-based discrimination. DC embraces both she and they pronouns, recognizing the fluidity of gender and the importance of respecting individual identities.