In the 2022 midterm cycle, PowerPAC’s work, in conjunction with organizations across the country, played a role in helping to stave off the “Red Wave.” Overall it was a successful midterm with historic wins for Democrats.

Highlights of our work in 2022 include:


PowerPAC worked to support the following candidates and their campaigns, either directly, by increasing awareness of their candidacies, or supporting organizations on the ground to increase New American Majority turnout. Whether the candidates won or lost, we are proud of the difference we made. The following are some of the candidates/campaigns we worked with/supported:

  • Greg Hodge, for mayor, Oakland, CA
  • Ben Therriault, for sheriff, Richmond, CA
  • Jennifer Esteen, for assembly, CA
  • Bee Nguyen, for secretary of state, GA 
  • Adrian Fontes, for secretary of state, AZ 
  • Garlin Gilchrist, for lieutenant governor, MI 
  • Keith Ellison, for attorney general, MN
  • Wes Moore, for governor, MD
  • Lindsey Horvath, for LA county supervisor, CA
  • Mandela Barnes, for U.S. Senate, WI
  • Diana Becton, for district attorney, Contra Costa County, CA
  • George Gascon, district attorney, Los Angeles County, CA

Highlights of our work in 2022 include:


Organizations we worked with in 2022 included: Souls to the Polls, Voces de la Frontera, People for the American Way (PFAW), IEUnited, Lift Up Contra Costa, and SEIU, among others. 

With Souls to the Polls, we helped increase voter turnout in Wisconsin, especially African American voter turnout in Milwaukee. Though Mandela Barnes did not win his Senate race, his margin of loss was only 1 percent. Additionally, we believe our turnout work did help Tony Evers win his governor’s race in WI and held back most of the “Red Wave” in the state.

In working with PFAW, we helped send over 4 million texts primarily to infrequent Black male voters across the nation, including in Georgia. 

Highlights of our work in 2022 include:


Through our continued partnership with Crooked Media and Vote Save America, together we raised over $100,000 for our work.

Highlights of our work in 2022 include:

Media Content and Creation

We launched a brand new online video series, NextUp, hosted by California Political Director Dc Lozano and produced by Kiana Stockwell. The series featured short, engaging, candid interviews with some of today’s most exciting top and up-and-coming progressive leaders including: Bee Nguyen, Adrian Fontes, Ben Therriault, George Gascon, and Jennifer Esteen.


A big thank you to all of our supporters. Thank you to Crooked Media, home of Pod Save America, for their continued support and work. We also thank People For the American Way for the collaboration on voter turnout work. We would also like to thank Quinn Delaney and Karla Jurvetson for their great generosity in supporting our work. Without their incredible support we would not have achieved all the great wins in 2022. Much gratitude also goes to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) for their support and Open Society Policy Center for all their contributions to our work.

What’s next:

The fight continues…

In April 2023, we continued our work in Wisconsin with campaign programs to support the state senate and state supreme court races. We utilized the identified 150,000 infrequent liberal voters from the work we did in 2022. Now, we’re gearing up for 2024 by raising money this year.